Monday, December 14, 2015

Wind Eater


As the night was hanging on to it’s darkness, a timeless need for search grew stronger. Confusion of the senses lingered deep down in man’s unconsciousness, the search had to go on. Long walk at night had this effect on him, almost like time was slipping away faster if the moment wasn’t caught and experienced to the fullest. Long walks on deserted sidewalks covered in shadows, under canopies in restless parks and quiet woods.
Dark nights covering the echoes of a lone mans footsteps, always that restless mind drifting off in all directions, causing him to hold his breath and when as in deep trance, to not blink his staring eyes.

Feeding my Black Dog, my inner dark
Let him run free, restless and wild
The night will cover all traces, we were here

To chaos his ambition steered. Fast and restless was the way to the brink of utter destruction of an already lost mind. Mindless nomad. Speed it up and let the inner voice reach up, up and beyond, through the thick layer of tinted anguish and doubt. ‘No remorse’ they say, ‘All remorse’ I say. Guilty of doing nothing, just fulfilling your own needs when time wasn’t allowing any sidetracking or freefalls at all. Only he was real once, now forgotten, memories playing hide and seek on the knife’s edge. Blunt but effective for the task up ahead. Not knowing enough to seek deeper, no knowledge of the abyss, other than knowing it holds nothingness in a tight grip. A tomb drifting in vacuum awaits, reaching down and suppressing.
Must rest to gain power and strength for the plunge into the real depth of forests, must be able to reach the cold and sharp mountain tops, have to find a way out on the open seas and let my name truly loose it’s meaning.

Cosmic ambition, falling behind




Pal said...

All the photos are so beautiful.
The 3rd one is my favourite.

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Thanks. Great to hear that from you!